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Residents in need of GPD services can click here to sign up OR call 211, 408-350-3230, option 1

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About Great Plates Delivered

The “Great Plates Delivered” program connects older adults across California to meal delivery services. Santa Clara County seniors and other adults at high risk from COVID-19 can access the program at or by calling 408-350-3230 (option 1).

Residents in need of additional support should call 211.

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After I enroll in the program, when should I expect the first meal delivery? 

After enrollment you should expect your first delivery in 5 business days from the date of enrollment.  

What food will I receive?

GPD delivers lunch and a re-heatable dinner in one daily delivery. We are pleased to offer an option to accommodate dietary restrictions. Participants can select from a Protein or Vegetarian/Gluten Free option.

When will my meals arrive?

Meals will be delivered daily between 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Who is delivering my meal?  

GPD partners with a range of providers to provide contactless delivery.  Currently, meals are delivered by DoorDash.

What is contactless delivery?

In a contactless delivery, the driver will not directly hand the food to you. Instead, the food is placed in a safe location outside your door  and you will receive a call or text to let you know the food has been delivered.

Who do I call if I do not receive my meals?

The hours of delivery Monday – Friday are 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Contact Sourcewise Great Plates Delivered Program at (408) 350-3230, option 2 if you do not receive the meal delivery.

When should I call if I do not receive my meal delivery? 

If it is after 2:00 p.m., contact Sourcewise Great Plates Delivered Program at (408) 350-3230, option 2.  Remember the hours of delivery are Monday – Friday 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Can I change the restaurant delivering my meal?

No. Meal deliveries are based on a number of factors, including dietary needs and the geographic location for your delivery.

Is there contact information for GPD with the State of California?

Participants can reach out directly to the Great Plates Program with feedback for the statewide program at


Is GPD a new permanent program?

No. The GPD program is a temporary program in response to CoVid-19 and has been extended to July 10.

Where can I apply or refer eligible clients/participants for enrollment?

  • Complete the Intake Form available on the Sourcewise website at:
  • Individuals can also speak with a Sourcewise Specialist about the Great Plate Delivered Program by calling (408) 350-3230, option 1.

If I am approved for GPD, will I receive meals every day?

If approved, you will receive 2 meals (LUNCH and DINNER) delivered once a day, Monday through Friday.

Am I eligible for GPD, if I participate in other Meal programs, such as Meals on Wheels?

If you are already participating in another program, you are not eligible to participate in GPD.

If I am part of another program, such as Meals on Wheels, can I suspend my participation in that program and join GPD?

No. Unfortunately, individuals in another program may not suspend services from that program (even temporarily) to participate in GPD.

Can I move from one Meal program such as Meals on Wheels to GPD?

Due to the limited duration of the program, moving to GPD is not allowed.

What does “Individuals must affirm an inability to prepare or obtain meals?”

During the intake process, you will be asked questions to self-certify/attest that you are unable to prepare meals independently or obtain meals or items to prepare a meal independently.

After applying or calling the number, how long will it take to get an answer on eligibility?

If you submit an online GPD Program Eligibility & Intake form on the Sourcewise website, you should receive a response within 24 – 72 business hours confirming eligibility

If you complete the initial intake with a Sourcewise team member, you will learn if you are eligible or not during the phone interview.  However, it will take 24 – 72 hours to confirm the information you provided and input into the system. This information will be cross referenced into the database to confirm eligibility. You will only receive a phone call if there are questions or issues with the information you provided.

Will I be able to speak with someone in a language that is not English?

Sourcewise, who manages the Participant Intake process,  strives to provide exemplary customer service for each and every individual who calls. Their staff is trained and uses a Language Line service that available for any caller that requests an interpreter or has difficulty expressing himself/herself in the languages spoken by the staff member who answers the phone.

Is the online eligibility & intake form on the Sourcewise website secure? 

The GPD online Eligibility & Intake Form on the Sourcewise website is securely and safely storing your response through Microsoft Forms. Sourcewise limits access to responses and is protected through a secure log-in. Microsoft Forms is HIPAA and BAA complaint. 


GPD was announced by Governor Gavin Newson on April 24 as an “Emergency Feeding Program Framework” seeking to expand meal access to include a population of newly defined vulnerable persons, stimulate local restaurant recovery and put in place streamlined funding guidance by the State.

The number of qualified Santa Clara County participants for this program is expected to generate demand for up to 30,000 meals per week. The City of San José will serve as Local Administrator for the program per the County of Santa Clara/City of San José agreement on countywide food and necessities distribution. The City of San Jose/County of Santa Clara have agreed to provide qualified participants LUNCH and DINNER in collaboration with WCK.

World Central Kitchen (WCK), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by chef and humanitarian José Andrés, is the City’s partner on GPD. WCK will coordinate and provide fresh meals through the Restaurants for the People program which activates local restaurants and delivers meals to those in need. In addition, they will provide logistics and food distribution support to augment the existing food distribution network, create new distribution channels and meet the data reporting requirement. WCK has contracted with Sourcewise, a 501(c)3 non-profit, that provides services and support to seniors, persons with disabilities and all adults in Santa Clara County to process participant data and meal needs.

WCK will:

  • Receive qualified participant and meal information from their contactor, Sourcewise.
  • Activate and manage meal coordination with local restaurants.
  • Coordinate orders and meal preparation with restaurants.
  • Coordinate with delivery operators to deliver meals in a timely manner.


This service will be available on May 18 countywide through the Silicon Valley Strong Initiative. The initial state initiative ended on June 10th and was extended by the State of California through September 9.



Participant Eligibility Requirements (coordinated by Sourcewise):

  • Must be 65 or older or high-risk. High-risk includes those who are COVID-19 positive, COVID-19 exposed as documented by a public health official or medical professional or individuals with an underlying condition
  • Must live alone or with one (1) program-eligible adult; must not be currently receiving assistance from other federal nutrition assistance programs
  • Receive no more than $74,940 in income for a household of one (1) and $101,460 for a household of two (2), this equates to 600% of the federal poverty limit


GPD began on May 18 in Santa Clara County.


The initial state initiative ended on June 10th and was extended by the State of California through September 9.  Any extension of the program must be enacted by the Office of the Governor of California and then the County of Santa Clara.



  • Phone: (408) 350-3230, option 1
  • Website:

Updated August 1, 2020